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Why You Should Choose Locksmith Birmingham

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The predominant way to keep your home safe and secure is home rock re-keying. You don’t want a scenario whereby after a long day at work you get home to a broken house or your kids tampering with documents in the house. Burglary has become rampant such that, use of locks has become inevitable. When choosing the right security for your home, it is advisable to consult a professional locksmith in Birmingham to guide you on the best option for your house security.

That is why at Mr Locksmith Birmingham we provide the vocational guidance on finding the best solution to your safety. With us, you get guaranteed of the remedies for your home insecurity and our services are undoubted. From the positive responses from our clients, we are, therefore, confident with our services and customer satisfaction is above par. Here are the amazing reasons as to why you should seek our services:

  • Prompt Response

We operate a 24/7 emergency call-out services, and our team will arrive between 20 – 60 minutes after your distress call. Our team consists of experienced staff that will handle you professionally and makes sure your need gets solved. You are at liberty to call at any moment of the day the day. The most amazing thing is that our call-out calls are free. Isn’t that great?

  • Variety of Locks

Every individual prefers different kind of locks based on their financial capability, location or even the security details of your residence. That is why at Locksmith Birmingham we provide various locks that will guarantee you safety. Our prices are pocket-friendly hence affordable to all. Some locks are susceptible to damages than others. Therefore, we urge you to choose the be.

  • Strategically Positioned

Do you want to find us? Well, just at the heart of Birmingham, that is where you find our offices; for easy accessibility by clients. It also enables our movement smooth and swift.   Our team consists of well-trained professionals who readily offer any assistance. We move at your speed because we care about you.

  • Approved Locks

Lock snapping has become a norm. The technique of snapping happens when the lock cylinder gets broken through the application of a precise amount of force. It, therefore, exposes the lock mechanism making it vulnerable to access. However, at Birmingham, we provide you with an approved security locks that will guarantee your safety.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying you beyond expectation is our ultimate goal because when you are satisfied, we are made happy. We believe that our clients deserve unbounded attention and our pay comes after the customers certify our work. Our commitment is delivering quality services and leave our customers happy.

  • Affordability

We cannot desire to lock anyone out of our services. We have the best prices, and the quality of our services are unquestionable. Visit us today, and we can assure that you won’t be disappointed

The expansion of our customer base gives us the motivation to serve you diligently. We leave no loopholes for insecurity, and we appreciate your continued support. We believe you will want to work with us soon and experience the uniqueness in our services. Call us at any moment!,-2.0036868,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4870b962880cc759:0x628bb65b902b8060!8m2!3d52.4741691!4d-1.8826553?q=mr+locksmith+birmingham&bav=on.2,or.&biw=1440&bih=776&dpr=2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi005TVz_vTAhWhAcAKHVjRBBkQ_AUIBigB


A Brief Description of

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Mr Locksmith is a Birmingham based company that offers lock security solutions to both commercial and residential consumers. They have branches in the neighbouring towns and areas namely Cannock, Crewe, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Stoke, Stafford, Shrewsbury, Telford and Solihull.


They envision to ameliorate the security of the areas they serve by partnering with influential security agencies and other stakeholders in their network. They believe that safety begins with the will to enhance it, and that comes from the formulation of practical plans and execution of measures known to achieve it.


The firm is enthusiastic about giving you true value for your money. It achieves this through the provision of state of the art locksmithing services which is part and parcel of their main objective. Other goals include security awareness campaigns, provision of adequate and reliable lock management techniques and supply of security contraptions.


The firm is very resourceful, aboard skilled and dependable individuals who are passionate about locksmithing profession. Unlike other companies, Mr Locksmith offers reasonably priced emergency services, 24/7 labour access, friendly customer service and an online price calculator for cost estimations.

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Why Mr Locksmith Birmingham?

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Welcome to Mr. Locksmith, a website for a locksmith Hall Green Birmingham based firm devoted to repair, maintenance, and installation of locks while out rightly having your security concern our top priority.

So, why us?

Security is everyone’s concern, and at Mr. Locksmith Birmingham we know exactly how much tight security at your home or business premises, means to you. That is why with us, is a competent team of experts, working 24/7 ready to handle your emergency notwithstanding the time of the day things go haywire. What’s even more interesting, is the quality of services we offer. And our prices? They are way fair; you probably won’t find rates this low anywhere else in Birmingham.

You are probably wondering. How does Mr. Locksmith’s team of commercial locksmiths in Walsall West Midlands maintain that superb level of aptitude? Well, our regular training policy, updating our locksmiths with latest security technologies, speaks miles for us. We are not only equipped with the best professional locksmiths in town, but we also house a significant number of mobile technicians whose kits will handle any security needs you might have. Our expertise in lock coding, equipment handling, top security system installation, automobile lock management will astound you. We are confident you’ll love our after-service recommendations too. Our 24 hour locksmiths in stoke on trent go a farther step as to suggest the lock options the market offers and ones you should have your hands on next.

What kind of customers do we welcome? Well, it doesn’t matter whether the customers are large corporates, industrial entities, residential emergency locksmith solihull birmingham customers or small business clients. Our concern really is to offer a remarkable, high quality security solution at very affordable rates, and to all. And from this, we always have the trust of surprisingly a variety of customers, talk of the multinational companies, small businesses, industries, Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Malls, high profile Restaurants and even Corporate buildings. Our expertise amazes them all!

We understand that full concentration on your core business is the ultimate desire. That is why we work so hard to ensure the level of security we leave in your place is way sophisticated than was. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a jammed lock you want replaced or a CCTV camera you want installed. All we care about is your satisfaction at the quality of services we offer. Interestingly, we do not charge overhead costs, top and above the agreed cost of service. Our quoted prices have all these overhead costs taken care of beforehand; labour fees, VAT, consultation fee, etc.

While we will do our best to fix your lock, sometimes a fix may be impossible, and we are unable to deliver. Our policy is simple; No fix, No fee. That explains why we are the best option out there. We get paid to satisfy you. Security satisfaction to you is our number one priority; it’s our only priority.

Once you have us hired, count your commercial locksmith requests in safe and able hands. We take risks seriously, and for this reason, all our locks’ experts are fully insured and certified. We understand your security concern is no child’s playground and for this, we only give you the best, an artistry you’ll live to love.

Our diversity of expertise is what keeps us top-notch. When what you want is eminent locksmith service, we know how to deliver, to keep our word and we deliver to the very last of the value for your money. Visit us, and you’ll understand why Locksmith Birmingham is the only best option out there.


The Locksmith Solihull Diaries

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Our Locksmiths can often recognise any issues you’ve got over the telephone, and so you will know what things to expect when we arrive. All our locksmiths in solihull have been supplying locksmithing services for several years and are extremely professional. At any time you require a low-cost locksmith, call us immediately for a completely free consultation. Our professional locksmith is going to do the work quickly and efficiently. An excellent trained locksmith might easily install a door lock and also suggest you the very best options offered on the market.

Our 24 hour locksmiths are totally qualified to install either one among these systems, to be able to supply you with the peace of mind you’re on the lookout for. Our auto locksmiths are trained in each one of the critical coding, equipment management, and carrying out fast, effective support. Not unless you haven’t heard of London car Locksmith.

1 key operates all 3 locks. Locks are frequently the sole way in which our property is guarded by unsavoury characters. If you would rather have a new lock, we’ve got an assortment of high security locks to pick from.

When you have been locked out of your auto, they will carry out an automobile entry that will depart from your vehicle intact without even a sole scratch. In this manner, the stolen key is going to be rendered useless hence you won’t have any reason to worry about someone coming for your vehicle. If you attempt to enter your vehicle or house without a key, you might mess up the lock.

Locksmith Solihull – What Is It?

Standing tall with your perfect customer profile, at this point you know exactly the kinds of customers you should seek out. As you profile these previous ten customers, you’re establishing the perfect customer profile that will empower and help you get an original start in reinvigorating your organisation in this funky economy. Our services are offered for 24 hours every single day, 7 days each week. Rely upon our experts and be sure that you’ll receive the very best of the ideal service. Our locksmith services are rather common in the region of Solihull is the region we get the majority of our recommended work from. Auto locksmith services offered by us 24 hour locksmiths can help you get back on the street right away.

Mr Locksmith has the capability to repair most ignition problems at the face of the street, this means that the costs are a lot lower and you’ll be back on the street a more quickly. It has a fantastic reputation in the area. When choosing a site to use, be sure that it’s unaffiliated with locksmith businesses. Step one is get within your enterprise. Without satisfied clients, our company would surely not survive. Services come in a vast selection of prices, so you wish to make sure you are receiving the best one. Along with the conventional locksmith services you would anticipate, we also provide door repair services for uPVC and composite doors in the Surrey region.

So please bookmark this blog or click this link for more information.

Why Use a Cheap Locksmith?

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The locksmith will subsequently deal with the rest. It is simply as easy as these locksmiths are providing services at much lower rates on account of the industry competition. Constantly make sure that you are handling a certified small business locksmith for each of your industrial company or workplace security requirements.

Our 24 hour Shrewsbury locksmiths have the right answers to your requirements and in times such as these, just and honest expenses. Our Commercial locksmiths will produce a more secure atmosphere for your organisation and we won’t depart from your premises until you are pleased with our services. A poor locksmith with the correct planning may end up making more income than a wonderful locksmith who thinks only his knowledge is sufficient to make him wonderful money.

If you locate a emergency locksmith in telford who is not just cheap but reliable too, it is sometimes a massive benefit to you and to your pocket too. For the residential customers, these locksmiths are providing many different services for the protection of all your relatives. Therefore it is always a good idea to go with a trusted and trusted one rather than a low-cost locksmith, of course in the event the dependable one comes inexpensive, then well and excellent. So locating a low-cost locksmith who can give you the grade of service you demand is possible you might have to hunt around a little to locate them.

In fact, there are various varieties of locksmith who does several services managing the security of properties. Finally, and unfortunately, there are a number of locksmiths around who aren’t certified locksmiths. A wonderful residential locksmith needs to have a superior experience of unlocking electronic and keyless systems.

Cheap locksmiths in Birmingham give the exact same services provided by other locksmiths, but at a significantly lesser rate. They are not cheap in the way they work or the way they go around making keys. Thus cheap locksmiths, cheap and affordable they’re, are far better available choice to the costlier locksmith.

Repeat company may often result in you getting some respectable discount prices. So for the business users these businesses supply the cheapest Delta locksmith support. Our locksmith organisation is a complete service locksmith and security solution company. It’s important when deciding on a business earn certain that the company is going to have the ability to aid you with each of the locksmith professional services that you would require. At ASAP locksmithing isn’t a portion of our organisation, it’s our only business enterprise.

If you prefer to save on locksmith solutions, there are methods to locate an inexpensive locksmith in the west midlands without compromising the results that you desire. Locksmith services are usually affordable, but the services provided by a trusted locksmith provider are amazing. Affordable locksmith providers suffer from the issue of plenty, ironically. Our rapid and trustworthy service comes at reasonable prices. That way you can know that you’re receiving excellent service and your security details are well protected.

Some individuals appear to have a distrust of anything that accompanies the term cheap. The vehicle key was locked in the auto. Vehicle keys become locked in the auto. Stranded beyond your car or truck and unsure what to do. The most recent master keying system is extremely famous among the users where they can use 1 key for each of their doors. You are going to have security system specific to your circumstance! Weigh some options prior to deciding on one.

So check out, Hamlet Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9BG or call 0121 285 3789.

Why use Mr Locksmith Birmingham?

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At Mr Locksmith Birmingham, we understand how important the security of your business is. Our highly trained and skilled commercial locksmiths are always ready to help you by providing the best services at the most competitive rates. All our locksmiths are insured. We regularly train and keep them updated with the latest commercial locksmith and security technologies. Mr Locksmith Birmingham does not only help you with the services of a professional locksmith but also has mobile technicians who are always ready with their kits to help you in any locksmith or security needs.

No business person would like to wait for hours outside of their office in case they are locked out. If your business is located in Birmingham, our local Birmingham locksmith will be at your service in response time of 15 to 20 minutes and that too at no call out charges! Our 24/7 emergency services ensure that our expert locksmiths are at your service all the time, whenever you may need.

Our professional and friendly locksmiths in Birmingham provide the highest quality of service and security solutions at very affordable cost for large corporates, industrial, small business clients and residential locksmith customers. Our commercial locksmith services are trusted by a number of multinational companies to small businesses. Industries using commercial locksmith services range from Industrial environments, Super markets, Retail stores, Block of flats, Hotels, Restaurants to Corporate buildings, and Malls.

We provide a complete range of locksmith services in birmingham and security solutions. Whether you want to get your jammed store lock replaced or want to get a CCTV camera installed, we have all the solutions at the most competitive rates. We give the highest importance to your businesses’ security. Our locksmith and security solutions are designed to provide the highest level of security so that you could concentrate on your core business without being worried about its security!

We are already trusted by a number of stores and multinational companies. Once you have hired us for your commercial locksmith requirements, you can be assured to be in safe hands. All our technicians are certified and insured. No matter what security or locksmith service you need, Mr Locksmith Birmingham has trained locksmiths to help you out. From safe combination resets to lost office keys, CCTV installation, high security locks systems installation or just a file cabinet unlock, there is no job we cannot handle.

But why not contact, Hamlet Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9BG or call 0121 285 3789.


Security Tips For Your Business By UK locksmiths

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Everyone yearns to have the best kind of protection. This is essential in keeping the things and persons that we value safe from harm. In order to have a reliable security system, you will need the assistance of Birmingham locksmiths UK professionals.
The following is a list of top 10 Security Tips for Your Business that will help to protect your valuable assets regardless of whether it is retail space, office buildings or your home.

1. Have a security and safety plan in place and check it periodically to make any necessary changes.

2. Prepare an agreement form for each employee that they will understand and sign, This informs them of their rights and responsibilities and the consequences that are in place should any policies be violated.

3. Shred all information that is no longer required.

4. Protection of your passwords is of utmost importance if they are written down they must be kept in a secure place.

5. Installation of good quality locks on doors and windows is a must, include in this any storage areas and filing cabinets.

6. Exterior lighting on the outside of your building around doors loading docks and the car parking area provides added safety and visibility for customers entering and departing the premises.

7. Leaving on a small interior light inside the building after hours provides a view of police and security should they need to be called on in case of any suspicious activity.

8. Keep the outside of the building free from overgrown plants and rubbish, do not provide cover for would-be thieves to hide behind.

9. Employees should be encouraged to secure all personal belongings out of sight of prying eyes.

10. The installation of a doorbell will alert you whenever anyone enters and leaves the premises.
For more information on how you can keep your home and business protected, or to view our latest range of security products look for a UK locksmith near me services today.

But why not contact, Hamlet Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9BG or call 0121 285 3789.


How to Search For a Locksmith in Birmingham

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The importance of getting an idea about a good locksmith can be better understood if you think about the vast population of Birmingham. Considering that Birmingham accounts for about 12% of the total population of Great Britain, almost 300 people find themselves searching for a locksmith everyday for some kind of locking problem or the other. The most common problem faced by all is being locked out of their home, office or car. A locksmith is the only person who can help you get out of this predicament. But how do you get the number of a good and reliable locksmith in your area at the right time?

Local Locksmith

Searching the Yellow Pages or scouring the Internet will give you the names of umpteen locksmiths in the city. But you need to contact a locksmith in Birmingham who is local to your area. This is important because a local locksmith can reach you in a very short time and consequently, the charges too will be less. Most locksmiths living in another suburb will also not be keen on travelling such long distances and wasting too much of their time. And if they do, you will unnecessarily run up a huge fee.

Get a Quote

An emergency locksmith in Birmingham may give you a free quote of its services. It will specify a particular time period by which it will reach your home and will also give a rough estimate of the charges you may run up. Most of the locksmiths charge on an hourly basis which is quite understandable. It requires about an hour to solve your problem if you are locked out. But when you obtain a quote, make sure that you ask all the right questions so that you can find out about all the hidden costs. Some locksmiths fail to mention that they have call-out costs which may later prove expensive for you.

Certification by CRB

It is vital for the locksmith in Birmingham to be certified by the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB). So even if you are in a hurry to get a locksmith to your service, take the time to ask them for proof about this certification. They should have an ID and be free from criminal convictions. A CRB logo on the ID card will tell you about their trustworthiness and you can rely on the locksmith to give you dependable service. This is a necessary step as you are placing the security of your home and business in their hands.

Charges per Hour

Although the prices charged by every locksmith in Birmingham will vary but it usually ranges between £60-£100 per hour. In addition to this, you will have to bear the cost of the locks and parts that you install. There is also an additional VAT charge you have to pay. When you inquire about the locksmith, make sure that it does not charge more than this. At the same time, don’t be carried away if the locksmith charges much less than this, because it may mean he is not competent enough.

But why not contact Mr Locksmith Birmingham, Hamlet Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9BG or call 0121 285 3789.

How Locks and Keys Work

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There’s no doubt that each and every one of us is using back home classical locks (to close a cellar, a storage closet etc.). Classical locks are easy to use and can be very useful in many situations. Mr locksmith Birmingham has several types of locks: cypher lock, warded lock, pin tumbler lock, disk tumbler lock or lever tumbler lock.

With their help, we can secure schools, institutions, containers etc.Being a locksmith, first requires an apprenticeship. Some of them even obtain a diploma or a certificate before starting to work. A top locksmith in Birmingham can specialise in automotive locks, he can be a master key specialist, or a safe technician. Although for a long period of time, a locksmith was making the entire lock, and all its parts, now he takes care more of door closers, frame repairs or electric strikes.

Modern locksmithing manages the implementation and design of control key systems. A Solihull locksmith is also asked to establish the level of security needed at a certain location.The pin tumbler is generally associated with the cylinder locks. This type of lock, contains a cylinder with a plug, which in order to open, it needs to rotate. The plug has a space where the key will be inserted, called the keyway. And vertically, a series of holes are being drilled into the plug, which will contain key pins of different lengths over which the key will slide.

Each key pin has a corresponding driver pin, which is spring loaded.In the moment when the key is inserted into the cylinder, the pins will rise and will align exactly in the point where they are at the same level. This will allow the plug to rotate, and will open the lock. A wrong key won’t align the pins properly, and the plug won’t rotate, preventing the opening of the lock.

For more info please visit or click here. You can also visit Mr Locksmith birmingham, Hamlet Road, Birmingham, B28 9BG or call 0121 285 3789.


Benefits of Hiring an Emergency Locksmith Service

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Benefits of using an emergency locksmith in Birmingham UK for your residential requirements. For best locksmith services always ensure that your locksmith can give emergency service also.

Even the wisest of them all having the best intelligentsia is prone to make mistakes. So, as we know that we are human being and we can make mistake that can be very dear in some of the circumstances, we must be lest prepared to face it. Imagine that it is a chilling night in UK and you are driving to your house and then suddenly you realise that you have left the keys inside the house and the locks are digitally monitored which means you can barge in forcefully. So, in that state of emergency you need a locksmith that understands you and can help you in the best possible way. So, in case you are constructing a new house or you are willing to upgrade the lock system with new ones then look for locksmiths in Telford that provide emergency services in UK for your residential property because you never know what the scenario will be. So, if you want to protect your skin from an event like that when you are returning to your house in the midst of the night and you found out that you have locked the house and by mistake you have lost the keys in the party while you were busy dancing. In that case, if you have hired a 24 hour locksmith in Wolverhampton that provides emergency service for your residential locks then it will help you. The benefits that you will get are listed below.

1. In case you are stuck in that situation an emergency locksmith service will give you a quick reply once you call them. They provide their service for residential and commercial property and the service should be completed in a given stipulated time. The maximum time that the will take to come to your rescue would be somewhat around two hours.

2. They have all the equipment to unlock the lock in case you have tried opening the lock and the emergency system has automatically shut down all the locking channels to prevent any infiltration.

3. Although they are well experienced to provide emergency services of breaking the lock, they also can serve the purpose of fixing it and installing the lock system then and there. So, you will be rest assured that even though all the lock systems are disabled by them still you are not prone to some unforeseen events as it will be replaced by new lock system.

4. The best part about the emergency locksmith service in UK is that they operate 24*7 and 365days throughout the year as they know that emergency does not seek time and it can happen anywhere and at anytime of the year.

5. The best part is that you get all the services that you want from a locksmith under a single umbrella, and this helps to make you safe, tension free and you can be always assured that you residential and commercial locking needs can always be meted out by the services of locksmith in UK who are well experienced to tackle emergency situations.